Monday, 29 October 2012

App of the Week: Pair

This is the new section of my blog. I will review an app a week on the android ecosystem.
This week is Pair.
I have found that the past few years that texts have become unreliable. Most people have resorted to using instant message apps. I have used nearly all of them and they are okay. Just like using text but reliable. The only person I message alot is my girlfriend as we have a long distance relationship. We see each other on weekends but we go to universities in different counties.
I have heard on the TWiT network about the app Pair. I wanted to try it and me and my girlfriend tried it and we have only been using this now.
Pair is a IM app but for two people, so no contact list as you have one contact. It uses internet to send the messages but its much more than a few lines of text sending. There are other things you can send in the app. You can send pictures, voice recordings, videos; location map, and sketches drawn in the app. That feature works very well with the s pen on my Galaxy Note. When sent, they can be seen in the conversation screen. But they are also saved in the Moments section of the app so the cute picture your other half sent ages ago is still there to view and download whenever you want. That is a good feature. Another good feature is if you are in a meeting or having a long and busy day at work, you can send a little message saying "thinking of you" in two touches which is nice to send and receive.
But that is not all. There are things that you can do together. This is where you can do things together as a couple. Live sketch is where you draw together which is very good and lovely. The other couple thing you can do is called thumbkiss. What you do is put your thumb on the screen and the other one puts their thumb on the screen and they "kiss". The screen flashes red and vibrates. It is cute but I personally do not use this feature.
So what do I think overall? I think this is a great app and if you have a special someone, you should download it. The best IM app on the Google Play Store. I actually cant believe it is not a paid app. Its FREE!
And my wish/improvement for this app is for voice and video calling. I would pay for that feature on that app.
You need this app!
Download Now!

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