Sunday, 18 November 2012

App of the Week: Google Play Music

This is a rather late post because of prior engagements buy hopefully these next few posts will be worth the wait as alot of Android has been released.
App of the week is rather belated to the UK market as the US gets all the good stuff in beta first. One of these Google apps I am still waiting for is Google Wallet but mobile payments is still not big in the UK. Google Play Music is the music version of Google Drive. That wraps it up in a sentence. There are only a few music cloud storage services available in the UK for android including Amazon (free) and Spotify (Premium £9.99). Cloud music player services is a place where you store your music online and you stream it through the app on your device. With Amazon you only have space for 250 of your own music library and you have to by the rest on the Amazon MP3 store which is annoying as most peoples music collection is over 250 songs and no one wants to buy your music again.
Google Play music blows Amazon out of the water with space for 20,000 of your own songs and songs bought from the Play Store. So how do you set it up? Well you go onto the Play store with your PC or Mac and you need to follow this link. Then you will download the application for the computer and drag and drop your music in bulk onto the application and it will all be stored in the cloud. So it is very easy to set up and put your music online. You do not need to put it in special folders or have all the tags for the albums or artists on there. The application finds the song name, artist, album, album art and genre. I only noticed this when I went to the cloud player and saw all my music in the right albums with 90% of the album art. Some of my obscure and collection albums did not have cover art but they were recognized as an album which is very good as I have found that some players will not recognize it at all.
What can you use the Player on? You can use a PC, Mac, Linux and Chromebook through a browser. Also there is a dedicated app on the Android OS from Ice Cream Sandwich and up. You can download the app from the Play Store/Market and you may have to manually download the update to use the cloud facilities.
The web app is easy to use and has all the covers set up like iTunes on a long tiled list with a search bar and your general functions. This goes the same for the mobile version. It is very good indeed. Easy to use and very simple. Google does this with their services. Very complicated servers and programmes make up a very easy and seamless service that just works every time.
So should you download this app? Well it is already on the operating system so you might as well use it. This app is great for people who do not have expandable memory on their phone and use their phone/tablet as their MP3 player. And it is much better than Amazon and much cheaper than the premium spotify service

Download now from the Google Play Store

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